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Meet the Golob Art Team

We create art for community.

Golob Art has worked on community-led art projects since 2013, and, since 2017, it has worked in partnership with communities across the East Coast - with studios in both the Boston and D.C. Metro Area.  These partnerships have resulted in projects deeply involved in equity work and community engagement. Whether creating public art, facilitating arts initiatives, or managing consulting work, our practice is centered on lifting people up, provoking thought, and transforming space.

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Alexander Golob

President & Lead Artist

With his studio, Golob Art, it is Alexander’s mission to create engaging art that expands beyond the walls of a gallery to provoke thought in the public, lifts up viewers, and transforms physical space. Since 2013, he has worked with non-profits, municipalities, and developers across the East Coast on several community-led public art projects, creative placemaking plans, and arts initiatives. These partnerships have resulted in projects deeply involved in equity work - with extensive community engagement and research, from concept development to execution - that focus on transformative and empowering results.

Alexander Golob lives in Washington D.C. and has a studios in Brentwood, Maryland and Wellesley, Massachusetts. He was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts to a bilingual, Italian and Jewish-American household. He then spent his teenage years in Wellesley, MA, after which he studied art in both Boston and Venice, Italy.

Alexander loves everything about food. Learning its historical origins, making it, sharing it with others, and its power to build bridges among all people.

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Sasha Kedzie

Operations Manager

Sasha joined Golob Art in 2021 as its Operations Manager to support its growing essential management, business, and studio needs. Never a dull moment, her work includes marketing, project management, business development, social media, and studio management - even assisting with art fabrication at times. That is to say, she's here to help make art happen.

Always open to new skills and techniques she has already learned some woodworking and how to use a CNC fabrication machine. Her enthusiasm for art not only propels her professional life, but supports her creative heart. Sasha has experience in cultural arts management, painting, graphic design, and dabbles in photography.

Sasha is an enthusiastic Washington D.C. resident since 2016, but previously lived in Vermont for college and grew up in California, Russia, and Ukraine with her Russian-American household.  This resulted in her unapologetic love of sour cream and garlic.

She loves her electric scooter, travel, art museums, meaningful conversation, and eating Alexander's food. 


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