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Haverhill Multicultural Gala

Created an engaging artist frame based off of the recently completed immigrant and origin story mural, Miles to Go Before We Sleep, where attendees could take photos of themselves within the same frame as the portraits in the mural.


July 2019


Haverhill, MA


Haverhill Multicultural Festival

The Immigrant and Origin Story Mural Project which was a multifaceted mural and creative placemaking project celebrating the tapestry of local immigrant and origin stories in neighborhoods across this country. The mural’s style was developed to both celebrate the cultural histories of long-time residents and elevate the current experiences of more recent immigrants. 

The mural was painted in a style inspired by Italian folk-art traditions that incorporated local history and showcased 46 brightly painted panels featuring 148 portraits of community members of diverse and time-periods. These portraits are framed by a border that incorporates local iconography. In the center of the mural, there is a tableaux with a Haverhill city skyline that incorporates community-identified landmarks.

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