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Managing the Italian Contemporary Art Gallery

We managed the Italian Contemporary Art Gallery over the 4 months. We rearranged and hung art shows, and hosted three gallery shows, in addition to managing social media.


November 2019 - March 2020


80 Dartmouth St, Boston, MA


Italian Contemporary Art Gallery, Boston

Venice on My Mind - featuring Alexander Golob

New and old, sacred and mundane, touristic and authentic, who belongs and who decides who belongs? Venice, a city with over a thousand years of history has a lot to say about these issues.⁠Venice On My Mind is an art show and conversation about Italian art and culture among international artists. It featured varied art inspired by Venice, and other Italian cities.⁠ Alexander's artwork, Pala D'Altare, was featured and made its American premier at the show!

Because Art Makes Happiness - Italian Contemporary Art Gallery artists

This was the first gallery show of the winter season! Because Art Makes Happiness focused on the interpretation of joy in its many artistic forms, and encouraged the viewer to find their own joy through the art.This show was featured on the first floor of the gallery, while we featured local artists in the basement space. We had three opening events with this show, the first on its own on January 31st 2020, and the second in conjunction with Boston-area artists Shelby Feltoon and Cameron Boyce, and the third featuring local artist Emily Mogavero. *

Sweet Nothings - featuring Shelby Feltoon, and Cameron Boyce

A fun, underground art show (Really! It's in a basement!) in partnership with our first show, "Because Art Makes Happiness", focusing on artistic interpretations of joy. This show includes works from Italian artists, exhibited on the main floor of the gallery, and features local Boston area artists @shelfel16 and @elementalfrost

Self / Reflect - featuring local artist Emily Mogavero *

Reflections present, distort, and collapse. They are tools for self-preservation, self-examination, and self-expression as well as for understanding the surrounding world. Self / Reflect explores mirroring and reflecting through printmaking to collapse context and create an obscured portrait.⁠ Featuring her work in the basement, this was the third solo show as part of the gallery-wide winter exhibition "Because Art Makes Happiness", focusing on artistic interpretations of joy.⁠

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