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Alexander Golob Makes Mural "Divergent Paths" In Westwood

Heather T. Ford - Patch

December 2nd, 2019

Nestled between Nordstrom Rack and Target, University Station has gained a piece of public artwork: Alexander Golob's "Diverging Paths*." Golob reports that he created this mural after University Station's property managers approached him to design a piece of public art for this location. His body of work includes public art in Somerville, Wellesley, and Haverhill.

"I was inspired by how University Station is a nexus of travel," says Golob. "[University Station] is a crossroads for train and car travel, and has added commercial and residential spaces in recent years. I wanted to show what University Station has come to represent."

"Diverging Paths" has a large center circle with train tracks in its center. Golob explains that the train tracks can either be viewed as them merging or them splitting apart. "Each corner panel in 'Diverging Paths' has a vista of place where the train system can take you, including Boston, New York City, and Hartford. I used a technique that lets each corner panel able to be changed in the future with the changing energy of University Station."

Alexander Golob grew up in Cambridge, Mass. and Wellesley, Mass. He lives in Wellesley at present. When asked how his connections to suburban Boston affected what he put into "Diverging Paths," he responded that his time in Wellesley gave him a great appreciation for nature. He sees this value in many other suburbs, including Westwood. Because of this, "Diverging Paths," as well as many other pieces of his art, show natural life.

Alexander Golob is the president and lead artist at Alexander Golob Art. Founded in 2013, Alexander Golob Art's mission is to "to continue to produce projects to address inequities in our communities." Golob graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Boston University in 2016.

Check out "Diverging Paths" the next time you are at University Station.

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