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Triumph of the People and Prosperity on the Mystic



Public Commission

Federal Realty Investment Trust


20' x 8' x 25.5'


Acrylic paint on Shipping Containers


Somerville, MA

Triumph of the People and Prosperity on the Mystic combines shipping containers with mural art to create a colorful, eye-catching monument to the region’s history and to the hub of community and commerce that it has now become.

Throughout the mural, nods to history can be found in the use of the ubiquitous Boston-area brick as the building block for the archway as well as the creeping collegiate ivy and the native-to-Massachusetts maiden hair fern along the sides of the structure. The centerpiece of the mural is the two-story tall stained-glass vista. Featuring the Mystic River, the always busy waterfront, and nearby buildings, the archway-framed centerpiece imagines a landscape full of color and energetic forms – one that reflects the activity that the area has now become. Standing tall at 25 feet with little behind or in front of the structure, the colorful archway turns an isolated lot into a bold and welcoming entry to a new neighborhood in the region.


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